Sousa's Fine Floors happily provides floor restoration and refinishing services to Hampshire and Frankin Counties, Hampden County and Eastern Berkshire and Western Worcester Counties ! Call today for winter time discounts. ~ The heating season is one of the finest times of the year to have your hardwood floors refinished; drying times are the quickest and curing (hardening) rates are accelerated during the dry heating periods.

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Steven Sousa, proprietor, refinishing floors since 1980


Sousa’s Fine Floors


Sousa’s Fine Floors, specializing in the sanding and refinishing of all types of wood floors Since 1980. The proprietor of Sousa’s Fine Floors is Steven Sousa of Granby. Sousa has worked in the floor refinishing trade for over twenty five years. According to Sousa, floor refinishing is an especially rewarding line of work. “You have the satisfaction of bringing joy to home owners as their old and worn wood floors are transformed before their eyes.”

Sousa has previously worked in one of the area’s premier hardwood floor refinishing companies for fifteen years. During that time he has had experience in the sanding, staining and polyurethane coating of every imaginable kind of wood floor.

According to Sousa he has “sanded and refinished floors in the multi- million dollar mansion, and in the 6th story inner city apartment building, and every thing in between.” “The common denominator being that what was once old and dull becomes new and bright”.

There is a increasing trend for homeowners, and even renters to choose to refinish their hardwood floors as “it is much more economical to sand and coat an existing wood floor then to carpet or tile over them.” In further explaining this trend Sousa said that “The increase of allergies and respiratory ailments in the Pioneer Valley has caused many people to look for alternatives to carpeting for their homes.”

Using the latest in professional floor refinishing equipment, Sousa’s Floors provides both high quality and affordable sanding, staining and polyurethane coating of all types of wood floors and stairs.


Sousa’s Fine Floors may be reached at (413) 504-2490